Thursday, October 6, 2011

Summer, please don't leave me....

I turned the tomatoes over, skin side up
I can feel the cool crisp mornings of fall, and I do love it, though I really am not ready for what follows. The last couple of weeks, we I have stayed busy still canning and preserving. I decided to try a new recipe with some red peppers that I stole from mom's garden, though I did have to buy a few, it called for alot of peppers! It is roasted red pepper spread, and it is wonderful! I have tried it on a burger, spread it on bread with some fresh basil and olive oil, and I keep thinking of more and more ways to use it. I think it would be yummy mixed into some fresh made hummus.
The peppers after roasting need to be covered for 10-15 minutes, they will produce some water as they cool, I went on and put this in the pot, too. Flavor baby, flavor.

Here it is almost a week later, I finally got around to taking pictures of the finished spread, sorry the recipe was posted before pictures!! How about a little candied jalapeno to go along with that spread!! Have a great weekend.

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  1. I am sooooo jealous. Look at all of that. They are beautiful! You pressure can right?