Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stitching retreat

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a retreat that was put on by one of the local quilt shops. We take our own projects and work until we want to sleep, and if we don't want to sleep, well, keep working! Here are a few projects that I finished. One was even done start to finish.
This is a two fabric quilt, purchased the fabs and pattern at least 5 years ago, made it this year
Closer view, sorry about the threads
This pattern is called something like, "stacked 4 patch posie", again, purchased pattern several years ago, the whole idea is to stack 4 strips of fabric together, with the pattern lined up identically in all four layers, then cut squares, from each set of squares, sew them together in the 4 patch. Each center of the block will look somewhat like a kaleidoscope.  This wasn't real good fabric selection as the leaves were too spaced out in the print, but you can still see how each block is a little different in the middle here,
and here,
Note the centers of all these, one fabric, sewn together just in a little different spot each block.
Sorry about all the wrinkles, but it came straight out of a suitcase! This is the 3rd quilt that I finished. Actually this is the one I started and finished! This is a newer Atkinson pattern, called, "Urban Cabin", it is basically a large half log cabin. I can't follow rules, so where you see the backwards "l" shape and the "7" shape? That was supposed to be the same fabric, I had lots of these fabrics, and decided to mix them up more. You can see it closer here,
and here:
Part of the fun going to these retreats are the shopping we do along the way there, and at the host store!! I purchased several pieces of KS Troubles Fabrics, my faves, and stripped them into 2 1/2" strips, they will be joined like this:
Cut apart and pieced randomly into a checkerboard, alternating with a strip set, for demo purposes I only had two different sets, but will look like this when finished:
I am an Amy Butler purse and bag fan, and I purchased this pattern and these fabrics to make me a new tote, my husband is always telling me that we are running low, but I think he's kidding, oh well!
And lastly, just a few of the little clutch, coin, glass case, whatever bags that I've finished, hopefully to load onto my Etsy shop soon, I have the shop set up, but nothing is there right now, so I need to get on the ball!!

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  1. Oh I am so late wishing you a happy birthday! Happy Birthday Lisa!!
    Thanks for sharing these. You are a quilting maven. Wow. I enjoy Amy B. fabrics too. They are pretty cool.