Monday, February 13, 2012

Recently quilted, and completed items

Table runner for Stitch On in Lawrence, KS

I haven't been very good about taking photos, and posting, seems that whenever I have something to write, someone else writes about the same thing! I have a hard time just saying a few words every day but I am going to try to be more regular. Here are a few items that I have recently quilted for others.

Scrappy stars for Elke

Doris brights

Back of Doris'

This is a kid's quilt made entirely from one jelly roll, the fabric line is: Chutes and Ladders. I purchased it on a bus trip several years ago, why, I have absolutely no idea! The concept of precut fabrics was relatively new, and this one was on sale, and I just grabbed it up. All the strips are precut to 2 1/2", and there are 42 in the rolls by the manufacturer "Moda", other fabric companies may not have that many in their lines. I just sewed 5 strips together, measured the width of the strip set, and cut them into squares using that measurement. Then mixed and matched them up. I used all but 2 squares that were 2 1/2" for the whole quilt. Here is the quilted, finished piece:
I haven't sewed the binding on at this point, but I finished that last night.  This will go to a great-niece.

These two bags are called schlep bags
They are one of my favorite bags to make, and very quick and easy, too. I have modified the patterns' fabric requirements just a bit, as it calls for 5/8 of a yard of fabric for the lining, and it seems that the manufacturers are not making it quite 44/45" anymore, so you need a little more, I used 3/4 of a yard and pieced the lining just a bit. Still makes for a really easy, fast bag. They are so handy for the grocery store, I have 4 different ones that I just keep in the car, and if something leaks, they wash up really nicely.  They make great gift bags, too.  The black and yellow one will go to my younger son's girlfriend. They attend Wichita State University and the colors are gold and black, so this will be a fun gym bag or just overall tote bag.

And lastly, but definitely not leastly, this purse will go to my oldest niece, Elizabeth. Her 25th birthday is today.  29 years ago today, my father passed away, and 25 years ago today, my first niece came into this world making the 13th of February a very special day. Happy birthday Elizabeth, we love you.  Dad, we miss you.

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