Friday, July 29, 2011

Playing hookey, or rather, just playing!

I cannot believe how long I've been away. But I always tell my quilting customers that I forget how much time the yard, house and garden take in the summer especially.  I last posted that our blueberries were ripening, and now they are finished. It has been very hot here the last two weeks, and it isn't even August when we typically have our hottest weather. The berries of all kinds are suffering, the newest blueberry plants are struggling to make it, we wish now that we would have just put them on the north side of our shop shed and kept them watered until September. I fear that we will lose a few. At last count we had 80 bushes!!

Look at the size of these!
I've been picking blackberries the last two weeks, and for the last week taking all the pretty ones in to a local market to be sold, the not so pretty ones have been juiced, and when there is enough, a batch of jelly will be made. I had to try a batch of blackberry sorbet, too. It was as good as the strawberry and raspberry, (even with a little rum added to it)!

I have been canning a few of the goodies from the garden, so far just green beans and jelly and juice.  I  am getting ready to start on tomatoes, as you can see from the pics above, I still have a few tomatoes from last year, I had worried that I would run out.  A part of me dreads it, just because of the time involved and the heat in the kitchen, but I am so glad that I have them afterwards!! Tomorrow I will post some pics of our daylilies that really put on a show for us this year. Have a great day!


  1. Your canning adventures are amazing. I am so impressed. Those berries are huge! Stay cool!

  2. I saw on another site that you had a recipe for green tomato/raspberry jam.....could you share that one
    thanks in advance....will let you know how it turns out.