Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quilts, family and green smoothies

This is not mine, just an example of
the artistry seen.
I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted! We are getting into the mad rush of spring happenings. Since I last posted, I attended my mother's chocolate tasting of which I posted last. The mole' was delicious, as were the over 75 additional items of chocolate deliciousness.

 We have been home a week no, two and a half weeks, from the east coast. I attended a machine quilting show for some continuing education classes for my business. They have a quilt show open to the community at the same time. As always, the quilts were beautiful.

 Friday morning, after I was finished with classes and the show, Lyle (the husband) and I went to the airport and rented a car and drove to Hartford, CT to visit his brother and family.
Greg and his talented wife, Angela have four beautiful kiddos, and I just adore them. I only get to see them in person once a year, or so, but she does the most wonderful job of keep us in touch with them  via her blog .

As always, there are so many fun things to do, see and eat, and we never have enough time. I told them I was content just to play with the kids, but, we all get a little restless, and it's good to burn off some of that! Angela has her own studio now that she can get away to every now and then to do some painting, or just meditate. We spent a whirlwind afternoon walking around Boston, and having dinner with her parents.

 One of the recent posts on her blog referred to a green smoothie, and how much energy she has now that she has one regularly.

 Now, I start my morning off regularly with a smoothie of my own, mostly a cup of yogurt, my choice, and a couple cups of fruit and the yogurt cup with either milk, juice, or water, what ever my mood is for the day. Hers was green. I mean green. She told me she puts some kind of herb, some kind of green, and fruit. But man, it was green. Think Kermit folks. I did get the muster up to try it, that day she had cilantro, Swiss chard, pear and mango. And it was delicious!! I couldn't believe it. No yogurt or anything sweet besides the fruit! I am following weight watchers again, and they have totally revamped the program for points values, in the past, you had to assign a points value for fruits and vegetables, now they are free!! So I can have a huge smoothie in the mornings and a cup of cereal or something with a little protein in it, and I don't have to count the fruits!! I made one last night week with an apple, peaches, avocado(there's my fat and protein), avocados have a little protein in them, don't they? anyway, chard, cilantro and mango. My kids even tried it!! Yum.
And didn't complain!!

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  1. It was wonderful to see you! I love how you call my passing out on the floor "meditation". You are such a sweet sister. Agh we don't get enough time. You know there is a handquilting class here (well VT or NH) in June.
    I am super excited you are loving the green smoothies!!!
    love to you and yours!