Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sprung Spring

This week is spring break around our house. Our younger son is in Germany for 10 days for a student exchange trip, and the older son is back home "working" for mom and dad (somewhat).  We have had some unusually warm days off and on the past two weeks, with highs in the upper 70's and low 80's. While we love it after the long winter, we know it is really too early as we have about 6 more weeks of frost chances.  Another part of spring that I hate:

weeping cherry that needs to be removed

and the black snake sunning in said cherry tree!!!

I am terrified of snakes. I know that we need them, we would be overrun with rodents if we didn't have them, but, I don't want to see them. And, this was waaay to close to the house. Our puppy hadn't noticed it, yet. Lucas relocated it for me and I am not walking tippie-toed in the yard again.  A few more photos of some of the flowers starting to bloom:          

As you can see, I haven't even cleaned out the old flowers from last year. All of my daffodils are planted in with the mums, and I like to leave the dead stuff on until it warms up in the spring.  Along with the flowers, we are getting the garden ready and started:
 One of the onion beds, (above) and other other smaller one, below. The small one has 80 plants in it if that gives you a clue how many are in the other one, and the one outlined by the landscape bricks is showing only about half of the bed! I think I overdid the onion ordering this year, but just couldn't resist, we had such a great year last year. The plants were ordered from Dixon Dale onion farm, and we had a great yield. We will use these guys from now on. I think my wonderful hubby planted potatoes, too, I know they disappeared from the garage, but didn't ask if he planted them! I hope spring is close to you where ever you may be!

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  1. Beautiful photos of the crocuses and daff but a SNAKE!!! Holy Moly - I would be running for the hills. Thank goodness St Paddy got rid of them all for us!
    Thank you for dropping by my blog today, or maybe it was yesterday. Boy I'm confuddled these days :)