Thursday, May 10, 2012


Where in the world does the time go? Perhaps the days go faster because of the electronic world...we multi-task all the day long. What do you think? I have absolutely no idea.  For several years, older people than myself have said, " the older you get, the faster time goes".....It really, really does, but where exactly does it go?

Both our boys are in college this year, so that should allow us more free time, not less.  But, as I told my hubby, we are choosing to do those other things that we didn't before.  Where as before we might go to a cross country meet, a football game, a wrestling tournament, we are choosing to: re-roof our house, by ourselves, do more quilting for others, and even those not in the que,  spontaneously have/go to neighbors' houses for dinner; we are choosing to stay busier than ever!   I can't believe that we even get the laundry done for the week, some weeks!    After this weekend, one son will be home to work for the summer, one son will have been home to visit and load more stuff up.  I hope to say that I've been able to help and encourage to spread their wings. I love them both.  With the time going as fast as it does, I hope that we've been able to help them both. 

Next week I will be in Overland Park, KS for the Machine Quilters' Showcase show and classes.  I am also taking my personal sewing machine to get a couple of small projects completed before I have to come home to my "other" job.  I love it, but I just don't get to do anything for myself anymore, so I will take every advantage that I can!  I want to make another large tote bag using this pattern. I just completed one for AE for her sister for a birthday gift:

Hopefully she liked it as much as I did!  It means I want to make another one!

Today was spent in finishing up a quilt for a day care fundraiser, mowing and preparing a few meals for the guys while I am gone.
Stay tuned for pics from the quilt show!

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