Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well, it is finally over. My total responsibilities (I know, yeah right), to my children are finished.  As of  Sunday at 2:50pm, my motherly responsibility to my youngest son was finished. He said, "Huh-unh"! What am I talking about?  My baby graduated from high school on May 15th.   On Saturday, May 14th at 10 am, my oldest received his Associate of Fine Arts degree from Coffeyville Community College. He will move on for his Bachelor of Fine Arts to Emporia State University this fall. 

There were times, many more than I should say, that I "looked forward to missing them", having two boys, one of them with ADHD and sensory integration dysfunction, and the other a very obstinate, opinionated, independant little boy was at best trying and exhausting.  I love my boys very much, don't forget to read that, but raising them wasn't always easy! 

I am a very emotional person, it only takes hearing the voice of a speaker change prior to tears, or seeing someone wiping away tears, or hearing the words, "thank you for serving our country", to bring forth the moisture in the eyes. I so dreaded graduation, I knew that I would be a mess. I actually did pretty well.  I will miss those little boy hugs, but I so look forward for my boys to experience the next stage of their lives, and to enjoy and get to know them as adults. The celebrations are finally over. 4 graduations in 3 days, and parties and receptions to boot. We are still enjoying the leftovers, as I prefer to have too much food rather than run out. I  even told my husband's "WMensday" night boys club that I would bring the food for dinner this week! After that, anything else will be frozen to enjoy at a later date when we aren't sick of the same thing for 3 nights in a row. Lyle's sister is still here with her children and we will get together Thursday night for one last family get-together before they return to Virgina.
mixing the dough

pan full of onions
We will be making pizza dough to grill. This has become our go-to recipe for pizza. As with others, it is best to plan ahead a day or two, it is so much better if you can make it a day ahead to let the yeast and flour get to know one another.  I decided to make a carmelized onion/bacon pizza as one of the offerings. I heated up olive oil and roasted garlic to brush on the dough. Then browned bacon. I brushed on the oil after pre-baking it for about 5 minutes, then added the carmelized onions, bacon and fontina cheese, then popped on the grill. Sorry, no pictures, camera battery died, and it won't last long enough once it's been cooked.

after 40 minutes, carmelized!

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  1. Awesome. Congratulations to your boys and to you!! I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you! I am the same way. After having kids, I cry at the drop of a hat!
    I am all for having too much food rather than too little. Nothing is worse than running out. That pizza sounds delicious. I just discovered fontina cheese a year ago. Where has it been all of my life?!
    Give everyone a hug for me!