Friday, January 7, 2011

Baking bread

Hello one and all, I thank you for reading my blog. I am very new to this and have no background in journalism, or photography, so, right now, I apologize, for too many expressive words, for shadows, or blurry photos.  I do totally enjoy reading your posts, and looking at the incredible photos of food, family, and nature.  My camera is just a little Olympus stylus, I have plans of purchasing a new digital SLR camera, suggestions, anyone?

I have cinnamon bread rising in the oven.....mmm, I don't know of many smells better than cinnamon and baking bread. I am trying the recipe that I found over at the italian dish, one of my new favorite authors.She has the most incredible photos of food, and she always has the most lovely linens in the background. I think I have found a use finally, for all my great-grandmothers' aprons, hankies, and dish towels, that are tucked away in my hope chest.

My great-aunt just passed away, the last one in that generation. She was a real trouper, diaganosed with lung cancer last spring, and in May, was told that she had weeks, not months to live. Well, I am sure she is laughing at her doctors right now, as she lived until New Years' Eve. She told a dear family friend that she was not going in to the new year fighting this disease.  I tell you that, because it was her mother that owned the aprons and hankies.  I don't remember my great grandmother without an apron on, unless she was away from the house, dressed for church, or another event.  When my mother gave them to me, I had no idea what I would do with them, except to possibly make a quilt out of them.  Now I think I will just pull them out every now and again and use them as a table dressing, or a prop in a photo. Thank you for the inspiriation, Elaine.

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  1. Oh my I am sorry to hear she passed but happy that she left on her own terms. There is nothing better than vintage aprons and hankies! Sometimes my mom wears my grandma's "housecoat" while she cooks and cleans. It's a real way to feel connected to someone. You should definitely do a post about them!
    xo, Ang
    PS I use a Nikon